Unigram with Demetallization

The demetallization is an integration of holographic technologies and chemical demetallization which gives a supplementary opportunity for visual determination of the document’s authenticity and integrity.
The technology of demetallization is one of the best security features for today which is applied on Schengen visas, euro banknotes, banknotes of Great Britain, Bulgaria, Singapore, etc.
The technology, elaborated at our enterprise, is compatible with production of the unigram and is going to be used for strengthening of protection of the security documents.

An excise stamp with demetallization has been used for applying on tobacco products since October, 2010.
UnigramTM with demetallization is an advanced technology of your brand protection from counterfeit. We are ready to develop the UnigramTM with demetallization using your logo in the form of a latent image, and also exclusive drawing in the form of a visible image.
The main advantage of the UnigramTM with demetallization is the possibility  to check the authenticity of purchased goods by means of a simple identifier of the latent image.