Hologram with Demetallization

Hologram is a widespread security feature of production from a fake. It is caused by its properties: external appeal and protective signs. At the same time, production technologies of optical protective elements are constantly improved.
Nowadays all over the world the most progressive technology is the technology of integration of holographic elements and demetallization. It is one of the ways of holograms protection as the fake of hologram with demetallization is more difficult. Besides, according to experts, demetallization is an optimum way of a combination of polygraphy and holography.
Range of application - protection of any production against a fake, for example certificates, packing of production, etc. Such kind of holograms can comprise drawing, inscriptions, numbering etc.

An excise stamp with hologram with demetallization has been used for applying on tobacco products since October, 2010.


More complex level of protection against a fake is Unigram with demetallization.