Protective laminate

A protective laminate with new protective characteristics was developed by RUE “Minsk Printing Factory” of Goznak with the assistance of the Institute of Physics of the NAS of Belarus in 2011. A new working out is executed for the purpose of creation of a new security feature that has no analogs in the world. The protective laminate favorably differs by the presence of a latent image and possibility of application of the Unigram.

A protective laminate is used both for full lamination of documents, for example, identification cards, driver's licenses, and for lamination by strips, for example, for travel tickets.

A protective laminate with the latent and holographic image (Unigram) is used for specialized page of the biometric passport of the citizen of the Republic of Belarus. It is used for the purpose of a non-admission of unapproved change of the information. 

Hot lamination is used in the process of manufacture of protective laminates. That is mean that laminate film isn't sewed in the passport any more, it is pasted. Such technology allows to make laminate protection relief, with a stamping in the form of ornaments. And it becomes impossible to remove a film here.

For the consumer market we produce a laminate without protection elements (for example, a film for lamination of books, daily logs, folders for documents, ad publications, packing etc.).

The Department of the finance and back of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus is among our customers.