Unigram with a holographic bar code

Unigramтм with a holographic (diffraction) bar code is a new method for anti-counterfeit goods protection. It is the following step in the development of security features on the basis of the hologram with a diffraction bar code.

A Unigram with a diffraction bar code contains a hidden diffraction code encoded in the hologram and a hidden image that is visible only when using a special polarizing glass. Both levels combined provide a unique protection of a document or a product that has a Unigram.

For the purpose of identification of a document or a product without using a PC and a reading device, protective holographic elements and a hidden image that can be seen only by means of an identifier are used as additional control of authenticity.

The affordable cost of the authenticity identifier of the hidden image and online identification of the protective feature optimizes the authentity verification of any protected document or product.

Unigramтм with a holographic bar code has been used on all waybills since 2011.

Unigramтм with a diffraction bar code is an effective security feature for goods which are the main subject for counterfeit and are delivered in large consignments (auto spare parts, medical products, consumer goods).

The given system of protection is especially suitable for the account of date of manufacture of a product or date of registration of the visa to entrance to the certain country.

Reference information: Unigram™ is a combination of protective elements of a hologram and its visual attractiveness with hidden properties of latent images representing a multi-layer material, containing up to ten degrees of protection. Unigram™ is the main protection feature of excise stamps, identification marks and other protected documents in Belarus. Usage of Unigram™ for protection of excise stamps boosted sales of legal alcohol products by 50% after its introduction.