Self-adhesive security paper

Self-adhesive protective paper production has been set up by our enterprise since 2009. The overcoating of self-adhesive security paper is a paper with protective properties (watermarks). As the top layer of self-adhesive paper the UE “Paper Mill” of Goznak’s security paper is used.

The share of domestic materials in our self-adhesive security paper amounts to 70%.
ЕТI Cohesio 520, self-adhesive materials manufacturing equipment, made it possible to fully meet the Republic of Belarus domestic market requirements in self-adhesive protected paper that is used by enterprises of Goznak for securities and documents manufacture in quantity 1,0-1,2 MM m2 p.a.

Self-adhesive security paper is used for printing of strict reporting forms, such as cheques, control marks for consumer market protection and other strict reporting forms.

You will get the best terms, buying at RUE “Minsk Printing Factory” of Goznak, since the enterprise is a supplier of products manufactured in-house.

The delivery of self-adhesive security paper is carried out both in sheets and in rolls.

The maximum width of roll is 500 mm.
The tradeable amount is 1 000 m2.

We invite distributors for cooperation.