Excise stamps

The enterprise fully meets the needs of the Republic of Belarus in tax stamps and is the unique manufacturer of the unigram, which has no analogues on the post-Soviet area. For this purpose we have a full set of the equipment, own a package of technologies, including unique ones, and we have formed a team of skilled and qualified specialists.

Excise stamp is the most tempting and frequently forged document. Since 2003, Unigram has been used as a key security feature of excise stamps under the government program of the Republic of Belarus thereby allowing their security level to be increased by an order of magnitude.

The project based on creation of the system of organization and control over a turn of alcoholic production in the Republic of Belarus with using of logistical labels and excise stamps with the RFID-interface started in the end of 2009 within the limits of struggle against counterfeit production and replenishment of the state budget.

This system is based on the application of a uniform IT platform for construction of specialized computer cash system for realization of the state control over a turn-over of alcoholic production, radio-frequency electronic identification and excise stamps with an RFID label. In this system each bottle of alcoholic production will contain the unique identification code which will allow to track its way at realisation of the further operations.

Control systems on turnover of the alcoholic production similar to the developed in our Republic system with the RFID-technology have not been used in the international practice yet. Thus, the first-ever project of this kind can be realized in the Republic of Belarus. The realization of the project will be started in 2013.