Travel tickets

According to the decision of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus travel tickets are protected polygraphic production.

We store considerable experience in manufacture of the protected polygraphic production. High reliability of protection against a fake is provided by use of own unique workings out and confirmed by expert judgments.

The European experts confirm that everything is forged. It is obvious that there are fakes or imitation of travel tickets that leads to enormous financial losses. We guarantee that the pirates, stealing success at any motor-vehicle pool, will face a serious problem of a fake of our protected production. The strategy of use of protective elements is an advancing technological step.

By the way, about efficiency of new protection. On an example of official statistics of "Minsktrans" of the Republic of Belarus the result has surpassed all expectations of the customer: after 2 months of protection of tickets on public transport with Unigram the volume of their sale has increased by 40 %.

Help the buyer to distinguish your production from the counterfeit!

Unigram is a new anti-counterfeit tool. Unigram is a multilayer material which can contain more than ten protection levels and consisting of a hologram and a latent image. You can see this latent image using a simple and cheap identifier.

The key advantage of this protection method is a simple and efficient way of identification that is available not only to professionals and experts but to any customer as well. To verify any security feature for authenticity, it would be sufficient to use an identifier for viewing a latent image.

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