Strict reporting forms

The factory has a license of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus on production of all kinds of strict reporting forms and special materials for their protection against a fake.

RUE "Minsk printing factory" of Goznak offers press services :

  • licenses;
  • bonds;
  • certificates;
  • insurance policies;
  • lottery tickets;
  • travel tickets;
  • entrance tickets;
  • certificates;
  • guarantee coupons;
  • commodity checks;
  • other polygraphic production.

We use following kinds of paper:

  • offset paper
  • bond paper
  • self-adhesive paper

We not only print strict reporting forms,  we also offer ample opportunities to our clients in following directions:

  • Personification;
  • Sewing by a wire, numbering;
  • Manufacturing of forms with a considerable quantity of pages.

In order to make an order for manufacturing of strict reporting forms it is required to coordinate following moments:

  • the package of documents confirming the right to manufacture;
  • a kind of paper;
  • delivery of production or self-delivery;
  • manufacturing terms

Strict reporting forms (SRF) are devised and printed in accordance with the Republic of Belarus Ministry of  Finance Regulation (Reg. No. 30 of March 01, 2002).

All products comply with the technical requirements of normative legal acts adopted in the Republic of Belarus. The enterprise has devised and successfully applies QMS that complies with requirements of STB ISO 9001. Customers may order and purchase any size of circulation of finished commodities at the RUE “Minsk Printing Factory” of Goznak.

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